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竹内流 宗家- Takenouchi Ryu Soke line

Welcome to the official site of Takenouchi Ryu. The purpose of this site is to correctly represent the martial tradition of Takenouchi Hisamori who founded the school in the first year of Tenbun era, which is 1532 CE. The current headmaster of the martial tradition is Takenouchi Toichiro Hisamune.

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The main purpose of this site is to correctly introduce the martial tradition of Takenouchi Hisamori and to present information in English that is verified by the current headmaster of the tradition. This site will contain the history of the tradition, its curriculum and links to video material that can be found on the internet that is relevant to our school.

Takenouchi ryu Soke line is a so called koryu (古流), which means it is a martial art tradition founded prior to the Meiji era. The tradition is famous in Japan for its unarmed combat techniques, or jujutsu (柔術), but the curriculum consists of many other weapons as well. An example of other weapons would be a simple wooden pot lit or an umbrella, for more information see the section on curriculum.

Not only the techniques are emphasized in the school, the mental aspects and philosophy are integrated in its teachings as well. Oral tradition plays an important role in transferring knowledge to the students. However, as said by the rules of the school, learning is done by doing. The dojo of the soke tradition is already for more than 400 years maintained by the Takenouchi family and has been used throughout time as the place for training. Currently, this is the only place for instruction, so no other study groups or organizations can be affiliated with the Soke tradition of the Takenouchi ryu.

We hope this site will contribute to a better understanding of the Takenouchi ryu. All the information presented on this site may not be used without giving proper citation and credits to the Takenouchi family.

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