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The Atago shrine in autumn with two pillars mentioning the word 奉納 (hounou)、which means offering or dedication. The other stele denotes that this the place where the tradition of Takenouchi Ryu is practised.
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The Takenouchi ryu was founded in the 24th day of the sixth month of the first year of Tenbun era, which is 1532 CE by Takenouchi Nakatsukasa taifu Hisamori. He was a warrior in the Sengoku period who left his master after his defeat to start his martial tradition. It is said that Takenouchi Hisamori received the instructions of employing a kogusoku by a divine person after six days and nights of training. This was done when the divine person broke his 2 shaku and 4 sun bokuto into two pieces, and thus created the kogusoku knife. The first kogusoku serie and torite series of techniques are believed to be taught to Takenouchi Hisamori by the divine person himself.