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The stones of this wall were transported under guidance of the second headmaster Hisakatsu from the castle of Takenouchi Hisamori that he lost due to the Sengoku war.
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The lineage of the Takenouchi ryu Soke tradition is given below. The tradition starts by the founder Takenouchi Hisamori.

founderTakenouchi Nakadatataifu Hisamori
2ndTakenouchi Hitachinosuke (Toichiro) Hisakatsu
3rdTakenouchi Kaganosuke Hisayoshi
4thTakenouchi Toichiro Hisatsugu
5thTakenouchi Toichiro Hisamasa
6thTakenouchi Toichiro Hisashige
7thTakenouchi Toichiro Hisataka
8thTakenouchi Toichiro Hisae
9thTakenouchi Toichiro HisaiTakenouchi Tojuro Hisatane
10thTakenouchi Toichiro HisaoTakenouchi Tojuro Hisamori
11thTakenouchi Toichiro HisanoriTakenouchi Tojuro Hisamitsu
12thTakenouchi Toichiro HisatsuguTakenouchi Tojuro Hisahiro
13thTakenouchi Toichiro HisanoriTakenouchi Tojuro Hisatake
14thTakenouchi Toichiro Hisamune

Since 8th generation, the Takenouchi tradition is split into the Soke and Sodenke line. In geographical sense the split can be seen as follows: the Sodenke line is located below the mountain, as where the Soke line maintains the old dojo half way up the mountain.